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October 2018

CrossTax and BosvanderBurg Advocaten join forces with Pragma, a leading international network of law and consulting firms, to boost its presence and capabilities in the international tax and legal area.


July 2018

CrossTax is contracted by Dutch entrepreneurs to optimise the corporate structure to facilitate the participation of foreign investors.  


March 2018

CrossTax is contracted by a Dutch national living and working abroad to optimise the tax and pension position in the Netherlands and abroad.


January 2017

CrossTax joins forces with TPA Global, a leading solutions and service provider in transfer pricing, business restructuring and valuation services.

Our business terms  


CrossTax believes in competitive and realistic pricing based on value and cost effectiveness with emphasize on quality, personal service and client care.

Our services are charged at competitive hourly rates and  governed by our Standard Terms and Conditions applying to all relations with third parties. Fixed budgets and retainer arrangements can be agreed upon in advance, if so desired. 

We kindly invite you to discuss the terms of engagement with us, tailored to your expectations and needs.